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Bottle Redemption Fundraiser


This is our biggest fundraiser and is very important to the troop and your son.  Please help your son to take this responsibility seriously by example.  We are all busy so put your dates on the calendar NOW!  This is a family fundraiser so please accompany your Scout(s) to the dump to sort and transport the bagged bottles and cans to the storage shed.  The recycling bin will be emptied on a weekly basis.  Each family will have at least 3 turns emptying the bin and returning bottles to East Windsor each year.

Please check your calendar for conflicts.  You are responsible for the week assigned.  If no other arrangements can be made, as a last resort please contact Susan Haluch (information under “Contact Us.”)  We operate on a system of “scout bucks.” $40 will be credited to your scout’s account each time the bin is emptied.  Scout bucks may be used for summer camp tuition, or other approved scout activities. 

Please be sure to EMPTY THE BIN COMPLETLEY so it does not overflow during the week and to be fair to the Scout family following you.


GO to the bottle shed located behind the Scout Lodge.  Bags, banana boxes and a tally sheet are in the storage shed.

ON Saturday or Sunday pick up a tally sheet, plastic bags, and banana boxes.  There are old empty trashcans for glass behind the shed if there are no empty banana boxes. Use trashcans for glass as a last resort. Please wear sturdy closed footwear and gloves.

GO to the dump and sort bottles and cans in bags provided, into the categories and amounts listed on the tally sheet. Keep accurate count.  They use our count to pay us and we do not want to short them. Be sure to date and put your name and total on the tally sheet so you can be credited correctly. If there is no record of you doing bottles then you will NOT get a credit towards Summer Camp.

Please, no lemonade, wine, Snapple, or other bottles with no deposit such as water bottles from MA.  They are not refundable.  All bottles and cans must have CT 5¢ recyclable label on them.

YOU may encounter trash in the bin. Please dispose of it properly at the transfer station. Please empty trashcans by the shed.

LOAD full bags of cans and bottles and boxes of glass into your vehicle and transport to the storage shed, making as many trips as needed.  It is not a time-driven event, the bin at the dump must be completely emptied regardless of how much time or how many trips it takes. Let Mike Balnis or Andy Phillips know when the banana boxes are almost full or if we run low on bags.  Also let Mike or Andy know if “something doesn’t look quite right”.

WE are responsible for getting the bottles to the redemption center in East Windsor.  If you are interested in earning extra bottle credits, be on the lookout for information on the next trip to the redemption center at troop meetings or via E-Mail.

PLEASE be sure to empty the bottle bin completely and keep an accurate count on the tally sheet!

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