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Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp with the troop will be Sunday, August 6 to Sunday, August 13, 2017.

We will be at our traditional campsite at Camp Yawgoog, in Camp Sandy Beach, at Campsite Abe Lincoln. (Directions Available on the 'Directions' Page.)

Scouts looking for a new experience with an additional week of camp as a provisional camper or Counselor In Training (CIT) are encouraged to consider a week of camp (or more!) at the Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation.

Informational Links

What you need to know before arriving at camp


  • Please pack for the week in a LOCKED Footlocker. This is a precautionary measure that needs to be taken by each and every one of our scouts. Use the packing list (above) for a guideline of the items that are needed for the week.
  • Scouts must also give either a spare key or a combination to the lock depending on which type of lock is used, to put in the troop's lock-box upon arrival on Sunday evening.

Medical Form:

Medical Forms are available below, and must be filled out and signed by the Scout's physician and parent/guardian. Adult leaders are also required to have a medical form filled out and signed by their Physician NO MATTER HOW MANY NIGHTS THEY ARE STAYING WITH THE TROOP.


Arriving At Camp

  • Parents are responsible for bringing their scouts to camp. Carpooling is encouraged between Scout families. Please Arrive at our campsite for 5:30 PM. Bring your own dinner to eat at the campsite. If you are unsure of where to go, follow the directions found on the “Directions” page to navigate to the parking lot next to our campsite. PLEASE PARK IN THE PARKING LOT TO UNLOAD. DO NOT DRIVE INTO THE CAMPSITE.
  • Upon arriving you will need to check a few items in with the troop. Parents will need to list if the Scout has any medications that he is taking during the week, as we are required to disclose this information to the camp. Parents/Scouts can also check in a spare key or combination to a footlocker to keep in the troop lock box, as well as deposit spending money for the Scout for the week. This is also where Scouts will receive their 2017 Camp Yawgoog hat. This is your Troop Uniform hat.
  • Adult Leaders staying with the Troop should also check in to receive their Yawgoog hat and wristband to identify that they are an Adult Leader.

The Week at Camp

Sending Mail

Sending mail to Scouts and Adult Leaders during the week at Camp is strongly encouraged! To send mail, please use the address format below, replacing the appropriate areas with the person's name. Please send mail either in advance or early in the Scout's week to ensure it arrives on time.

          Firstname Lastname, Troop 387 Somers
          Camp Sandy Beach - Campsite Abe Lincoln - Week 7
          Yawgoog Scout Reservation
          61 Camp Yawgoog Road
          Rockville, RI 02873

Emergency Contact

In the event that a Scout needs to be contacted in an urgent situation from home, please do not try to contact the scout directly, as if they do have a cell phone with them, it should be turned off and put away. Please try to contact an adult leader at camp with the troop. Their contact information will be provided prior to camp upon request. If for some reason you are unable to contact one of the adult leaders, call the camp directly at:

and give the following information:
  • This is an Emergency
  • Scout's name, Troop 387 Somers, CT
  • Campsite: Abe Lincoln
  • Scoutmaster: Andrew Phillips

Departure From Camp

Parents; please arrive for the Sunday Dress Parade BY 12:00 PM. ALL Scouts from Troop 387 attending camp are expected to stay for the Sunday Dress Parade and may depart directly after. This ceremony is part of the historic and tradition-filled Yawgoog experience and represents closure to the week of camp.

In the rare event that a Scout needs to depart prior to troop dismissal, parents should contact the Scoutmaster at least three weeks prior to the start of camp.


[1] As indicated on Yawgoog's website, several merit badges, especially those that are Eagle Required, are not possible to complete in a week at camp, and therefore it is necessary for each scout to check requirements and complete those that can't be done at camp prior to arriving. An updated list of Merit Badges for 2016 that can be completed at camp and a list of prerequisites for those that cannot is available above.

[2] Form updated for 2016 summer camp season as of 1/5/16.

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